Mission and Vision

Gathered by the Holy Spirit to grow in faith, love and obedience to the will of God, Sent in Christ's name to let God's love Shine in word and deed.

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+We Worship (God) – Strengthen Worship

This strategic direction came out of the Listening Process as people shared their hopes that Zion could broaden its use of various musical forms in both liturgy and hymnody, as well as developing concrete ways to involve children and youth more actively in worship.  Enlivening the use of the space and incorporating more artistic forms was suggested.  Specific feedback was shared about ways to strengthen the experience of worship for the newcomer.  It should be noted there is broad-based support for the rich liturgical traditions at Zion and the hope is the best of the worship experience, music and liturgical strength is retained and built upon.

Worship God– Pastor Lutz (Staff) and Phyllis Chang (Council). 

Emails for leaders: jlutz@zionlutheran-ic.org, phyllischang1212@gmail.com

+We Equip (people to lead) -Ministry Leadership  

This strategic direction is meant to address both the staffing configuration at Zion and the functioning of the Ministry Team structure.  Strengthening lay leadership and finding ways for lay leaders to be empowered alongside existing staff is a priority of this strategic direction.  This area has been divided into two sub-teams, one focusing on staffing configuration and a second focusing on the organizational functioning of the Ministry Team structure.

Equip Leaders– Two sub-teams have been identified within this area.  Pastor Lutz (Staff) and Randy Willman (Council) are resource people for both sub-teams.

Staffing and staff configuration led by Jim Lane and Diane Baumbach (Council)

Ministry Team structure evaluation led by Gene Knutson and Sally Leme. 

Emails for leaders:  jimlane@yahoo.com, dbaumbach@me.com, gene@mchsi.com, sal_leme@hotmail.com.

+We Welcome (all people) - Newcomer welcome

While many people find Zion to be a source of deep support and community for them, there was a consistent message heard throughout the Listening Process that Zion needs to strengthen its culture of hospitality and welcoming of newcomers.  Once people “find their way in” to the ministry at Zion, they are welcomed and empowered in faith and service.  But finding a way in can be challenging at Zion.  This area is also looking at ways to strengthen visitor follow-up and working to get people incorporated meaningfully into the ministry so they don’t disappear out the back door.

Welcome All – Mary Merulla (Staff) and Katie Martin (Council) 

Emails for leaders:  mary@zionlutheran-ic.org, martinkatie928@gmail.com.

+We Embrace (children, youth and intergenerational families)

Children, youth and intergenerational family ministry is a strong priority for a vast majority of people at Zion.  The congregation is interested in supporting new models of youth and children’s ministry that engage the entire family.  Looking for ways to integrate families with other church members is a priority for this area, as well as working with the Worship Team to find ways to engage youth and children more meaningfully in worship.   Concern was expressed about the low presence of youth and families at worship.  This group agrees that ministry in the 21st century needs to be intergenerational throughout the entire ministry while acknowledging the continuing need to segment people at times by age. 

Embrace Children, Youth and Families – Maggie Atkinson (Staff) and Ken Fate (Council). 

Emails for leaders:  maggie@zionlutheran-ic.org, kendall.fate58@live.com

Read about this entire process here!  The full Kairos summary report is here.

If you would like to learn more, contact the Zion office (319-338-0944).