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Flu Shot Clinic | Sunday, October 4 
The Visiting Nurse Association will visit Zion for a private drive thru flu shot clinic for Zion members on Sunday, October 4. 

Born out of our values as a faith community - Faithful, Neighbor-Loving, Caretakers of Creation, Gospel-Coworkers, Accessible - Great care will be taken to provide the utmost in safety precautions, including:

  • Contactless consent forms. Forms will be emailed to you after you’ve made your appointment. Consent forms and vaccine information sheets are also available on the VNA website which you may access here.
  • Flu shots by appointment only. Make your appointment here.
  • Bring your insurance card to the clinic. The VNA will bill approved insurance companies. Payment by check or cash is also accepted.
  • Flu Shot, High Dose Flu Shot, and pneumonia vaccines are available. Those desiring a pneumonia vaccine should first consult with their health care provider to determine which vaccine you need. To reserve a pneumonia vaccine, please contact the office AND indicate the reservation request when making your appointment.
  • Drive thru clinic - remain in your car to receive the immunization (exceptions may be made on a case by case basis).
  • Masks or face shields required. Physical distancing required.

This is not a bible study, but a simple practice rooted in the traditions of the church.  It is a way of listening to God in Scripture that shapes our imagination.  All one needs to participate is a Bible, provided questions to reflect upon, and a willingness to share your experience with others.  Click here to join or join.  For more information, contact Pastor Jennifer at 

This fall, the Zion kids' choir experience will be going Zoom-Style!  All kids and their families are invited to come and experience a splash of God's grace through songs, Bible stories, rhythm activities, music reading, togetherness, (maybe a puppet or two), and most importantly --- weave God into all of it.    

For starters, we will be meeting for 5 Wednesdays in September
(Sept 2, 9, 16, 23, 30):

"Cherub Choir Check-In" - 5:15-5:45 p.m. (Pre-K-2nd grade) - by Zoom

"Junior Choir Jam" - 6:00-6:30 p.m. (grades 1-6) - by Zoom

The age groupings are flexible -- families can jump into whichever time/experience works best for them.

To join in the fun, just let Miss Melanie know that you're interested -- and she will get you the Zoom link and all the things you need to "Keep on Singing!"

Hopefully, this bit of Zoom-togetherness will bless all of our lives during this very-different-autumn we are stepping into.  

Sidewalk Church

The heartache so many of us feel over not being able to gather in-person at Zion is inspiring innovative ways of being Church Together/ Apart! This past week, a few creative souls got together and launched "Small Art Projects for our Great, Small City!" The idea is to create a series of interactive arts for people who pass Zion on the sidewalk. The first round of Sidewalk Church is "Uni-T(i)ed: Uniting the Neighborhood with Hopes and Prayers."

Wander to the west side of Zion (nearest Mercy Hospital) and find the wire cross by the benches and the wheelchair ramp. Next to the cross is a pot of yarn and this invitation:

Think of a hope or prayer:

  • It can be thankful, or anticipating something good
  • It can be for help, support, healing or change
  • It can be for yourself, someone you know, the world or the neighborhood
  • It can be for God as you know/name God, or for a broader sense of spirituality/wholeness as you understand it

    All hopes and prayers are welcome here!

Gently pull out two strings and cut:

  • Think about how this yarn can represent your hope or prayer
  • Two pieces of yarn come out together because our hopes and prayers are supported and carried by the whole     neighborhood doing this project together
  • One piece will stay here, to join with so many others;
  • The other piece will stay with you--a reminder how you are joined to the hopes and prayers of so many others

Tie one to the cross, tie one to you:

  • For however long the string stays with you, it will connect and remind you of the hopes and prayers of our           neighborhood
  • At whatever point it drops off, trust that the hopes and prayers of all, while held by us for a limited time, are       still held together with so many others, and together, we are hoping, praying and working for our                       neighborhood's well-being.

Invite your friends and neighbors to join you for physically-distanced Sidewalk Church at Zion! 

During this time of being together but apart, our praying for each other is one of the ties that continues to bind us as a family in Christ.  In order to strengthen this bond, we are launching the Prayer Network, a newer version of the old Prayer Chain.  The Prayer Network is to be a spiritual support system of Zion which holds in prayer the needs of individuals, our congregation, local community, and the world.   Members of this team will pray for those on our public list and additional requests that will be kept confidential.  If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Pastor Jennifer (

Ministry Open--Worship Space Open for Prayer and Meditation
From the start of the pandemic shut down of our building, we have stressed that our ministry is still open. God's presence in the world will never be contained--not by buildings or even, ever, fully by us! But the length and depth and breadth of this time Together/Apart is wearying. Prayer and meditation are important tools for restoring our souls and refueling our days. If you would like to schedule time for prayer, meditation or simply resting in God's presence in the worship space or the chapel at Zion, you are encouraged to do so. Please contact the office
( to let us know exactly when you'd like to stop by, so we can support everyone's efforts to physical distance and stay safe, and so we can be sure the door will be opened for you.

Please wear a mask in and around the building, and know you are also welcome to bring meditative hymns or music on your phone or other device, if you like.