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The Organ Preservation Fund

Help us preserve Iowa's oldest pipe organ

Zion Lutheran Church
310 North Johnson Street | Iowa City

The organ standing tall in Zion Lutheran Church has been deemed "worthy of a place in the long history of the American organ" (Vermont Life, Summer 1965). The story of the Stevens–Moore organ is enduring; it is retold often and included in publications on organ history and organ builders in America.

The organ, built in 1852 by George Stevens, served Central Church in Bangor, Maine, from 1853 to 1899. The organ was relocated in 1899 to Woodstock, Vermont, where it served the Christian Church for 50 years. Unfortunately, after the church closed, the organ was neglected for 14 years. null




In 1963–64, A. David Moore and Nick Atwood—
ages 18 and 17—rescued the organ from ruins and rebuilt it in a barn in North Pomfret, Vermont.

A committee from Zion learned of this remarkable organ, and it was purchased as Zion's contribution to America's bicentennial. Since then it has seen continuous service in worship and performance.

Please help us continue the preservation of this 1852 American organ. Donations to the Organ Preservation Fund are graciously accepted throughout the year and will be used for general maintenance, tunings, and repairs; replacements of broken parts; problems that arise with its continuous use; and cosmetic restoration. Problems and issues with the organ are listed in this document.

Thank you for your help to preserve
Iowa's oldest pipe organ.