Our Staff

Email the main office (office@zionlutheran-ic.org) for staff email addresses.

Susan Debner
Senior Pastor
319-338-0944 extension 1972
Jennifer Lutz
Associate Pastor
319-338-0944 extension 1973
Shannon Esmann
Parish Administrator
319-338-0944 extension 1739
Mary Merulla
Minister of Vocation
319-338-0944 extension 1892
Maggie Atkinson
Dir. of Youth & Family Ministry
319-338-0944 extension 1969
Pam Cantrell
Associate Minister of Vocation
319-338-0944, extension 1970
Gary Beckman
Kevin Hoyland
A/V Director
Marlys Boote
Senior Organist
319-338-0944, extension 1971


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Melanie Sigafoose
Associate Organist/
Children's Choir Dirctor
319-338-0944, extension 1971
Wen Chin Liu
Interim Adult &
Youth Choir Director
Roger Hileman
Interim Brass Choir